Visit to St John’s Church



Year 6 went on a thought-provoking visit to St John’s Church today.   We learnt the stories of some local men who had been killed in World War I, looked at some artefacts and the graves of some individuals who are buried in the churchyard.

The exhibition is on for a little while longer and is well worth a visit.

Miss Judge

3 thoughts on “Visit to St John’s Church

  1. I was very impressed by this exhibition and also by the men who risked or gave their lives in the First World War.
    One thing that struck me though was that some of the men had joined the army after being presented with white feathers. Do you know why?

  2. That trip really made me think how we should be grateful for what we have and also made me think about how it was like for the soldiers

  3. I thought the trip to st . Jhons church was amazing I loved it and I also learnt so much more about world war one i hope I and the class can do more of these things.Like learning about Greece,Egypt,Black History and more.

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