Visit of the Science Dome

The Science Dome came to Allerton C of E on Monday this week.

It was dark and atmospheric inside the Dome. The images are projected on the roof and all around and the sound is equally 360 degress which gives a amazing effect. The projector is fascinating in that it is a convex projection of pictures to give the all round effect. When flying through space, you really feel as if you are there. In this way Year 4, 5 and 6 were treated to a tour of the Universe and an exploration of whether there could be life on other planets. We also learnt more about the exploits of Tim Peake on the space station.


3 thoughts on “Visit of the Science Dome

  1. The science dome was great! I loved it! Now, I know how to use a space loo.
    I also found out that the sun travels further in summer, and a shorter distance during winter.

  2. The dome was really really fun,interesting and inspiring although it was like a desert

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