Happy New Year!

This week in year 6 we have been doing lots of super, fun, also interesting things.

First of all we learnt about the eye and all of the different parts of the eye such as:

The retina which makes an upside-down image of what we are looking at.
The cornea which protects the front of the eye.
The pupil is the central hole in the iris.
The lens the purpose of the lens is to focus on an image.
The iris controls the size of the pupil.

Then we had lessons with Miss Kelly about Children in Need when we had to read the text and answer the questions. We had to search the dictionary for tricky words and write the definition of the words.

We had a project on Dig For Victory and we had to draw a persuasive poster about it.

We did some work on adverbs changing the sentences and putting the right words in.

That is some of what year 6MJ have done in this very interesting
school week.

Harley Kirby

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