Debating and Book Day!

A big well done to those children who dressed for Book Day in Year 6. The costumes had to be based on a book which had been looked at in School. We had characters from Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland and Oranges in No Man’s land.IMG_0703



In English we have been studying debate and I am very impressed with how articulate, logical and thoughtful the children are.

debate pic collage

We intend to finish our studies on debate with a large debate about the “Brexit” issue (after our SATs of course!)

Miss Judge

4 thoughts on “Debating and Book Day!

  1. Nice costume joe and all the others I like book day because you get a chance to get a book for free and have a nice read

  2. Really good costumes I want one and I mean I really really really really mean I want one the one with the silver,white and scary skull

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