Benedek’s Star Wars Maths

Benedek has written a maths starter for the class based on his favourite Star Wars – can you work out the answers?


Yoda is selling lightsabers – answer these questions.


  1. If he makes 15 lightsabers and sells 21, how much does he have to make after he made the first 15?


  1. Here is a table.


  Blue Green Red
Number of sales


5 7 2
How many made


12 8 10


£2.50 £1.00 £3.50


  1. How much money would he get if he sells 2 blue and 1 red?


  1. What could Yoda have sold if he got £8.00?


  1. If General Grevious kills 6 Jedi a month, how many does he kill in a year? (12 months)



  1. In a battle, 60 clones are killed and 83 Droids and 3 Jedi.  How many were killed altogether?




  1. Anakin’s speeder goes at 70mph.  How long will it take him to get to Kamine?  (13 miles)


By Benedek Huszar

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