A rainy, but fun, day on Otley Chevin!


Years 5 and 6 went to Otley Chevin for a trip to inspire our writing and art projects, and to inform our geography.

A huge well done to everyone for making the most of a rainy day and enjoying the experience.
We stood in silence and listened to the rain pattering on the leaves.
We looked at the amazing views with the clouds caught in the bottom of the valley.
We ate our lunch outside in the pouring rain but just appreciated being there!

Well done Years 5 and 6 – we were all very proud of you.

2 thoughts on “A rainy, but fun, day on Otley Chevin!

  1. Hope you all had a great time at it let chevin and as Eloise said don’t worry but I assure you that year 6 will be an incredible year!

  2. Yey! You guys are finally in year 6 and the wait was over.I hope you had as much fun as us when we went to the Chenin.Anyway have a great year and DON’T worry about SATs you will be fine.JUST BELIVE. xxx

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