Shakespeare at GSAL!

Shakespeare at GSAL pic collage

On Monday, Year 6 were lucky enough to go and see a Shakespeare play at Leeds Grammar School. The play that we saw was called “As You Like It”, a story about Orlando and Rosalind. We all loved it. To experience that was truly magical. It’s not every day you get to see a Shakespeare play! We all felt lucky and left with a smile on our faces.



Today we had a morning where we did maths and art in one lesson. Firstly, we got a sheet with many circles inside of each other split in sixths. We were told to draw lines connecting to the next circle to make a spiral. Then we started doing the same thing but on another sixth and in a different colour. Once we had done all six segments we ended up with a beautiful pattern.

Secondly, we drew a 16×16 square and marked down the middle of every side, then we connected the dots, making another square. Next we coloured in the bottom right triangle and marked the middle of the all the sides on the inside square and connected them. We carried on doing that and colouring in the right triangles until we couldn’t do it anymore. When we finished doing that we had one quarter done. All that was left was to do the bottom left, top left and top right triangles (in different colours)and we were finally done with our marvellous pattern.


General Election

Year 6 held their own elections today. Manifestos were written and debated with enthusiasm. There was even canvassing in the playground! Votes were recorded on ballot papers which were counted (2 spoiled ballot papers) and then the result delivered by Mrs Wake in her role as Returning Officer.

Well done Abdul for gaining the most votes for The Shnappy party – slogan – if you vote for the Schnappy Party, you will be a happy chappy!

The Deep!

Y6 Trip to The Deep

Yesterday we had a memorable trip to The Deep; memorable because of the many facts we learnt, exhibits we saw and emotions we felt. The tactile exhibits, some better than others were breath-taking, although some were intimidating.
Firstly we went to a river workshop which taught us numerous intriguing facts about rivers. One of which was that rivers pick up mud from their river banks and carry it along until it sinks down to the river floor. One of my friends said, “The facts we were told were interesting and I learnt a lot.”
In the Deep, The Ice Kingdom was my favourite exhibit as I love snow. There was a huge wall of ice that we slid our hands across, whilst making our way to the penguin enclosures. I was surprised when I saw a fact saying that some penguins live on the coast of South Africa , surprised because it is really hot in South Africa.
Smiles, laughs, squeals and shrieks were experienced on this memorable trip. Tayyeb, from Year 6, said it was a great fun, interesting, entertaining but informative trip.